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What Usually Causes Windows to Fog Up?

Among the many roles of residential windows is to bring natural light indoors. However, it would be hard for sunshine to pass through foggy panes. Condensation on glass doesn’t necessarily mean your windows are damaged. Keep reading to discover common reasons windows fog up.

Windows to Fog Up

Increased Humidity

Your daily activities can increase humidity levels in your home, from cooking and running the dishwasher to doing laundry and showering. To determine if the condensation on your windows is due to high humidity, touch the glass. If your finger gets moist and leaves a mark on the pane, your indoor space is likely too humid. You can reduce humidity by using a dehumidifier or running exhaust fans when cooking, showering or bathing.

Temperature Differences

Condensation can form on your windows due to significant differences in indoor and outdoor temperatures. Have you noticed that your sliding windows tend to fog up when using your air conditioner in summer and heater in winter? It shouldn’t be a cause of concern as long as you can wipe the condensation from the surface of the glass.

Window Seal Failure

If your multipane windows develop condensation between their panes, contact professionals. It is a common sign of window seal failure, which often occurs in older units. Windows with broken seals are no longer energy-efficient. Waiting too long to replace them can cause your indoor spaces to become uncomfortable and energy bills to increase.

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