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Video: Fantastic Door and Window Combination Ideas

Door and Window Combination Ideas

At Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City, windows and patio doors aren’t just windows and patio doors. They’re opportunities to lend more style and functionality to your rooms. Instead of buying your units in kind, let your imagination run wild and explore new possibilities with different combinations.

Window Combination Ideas

Draw inspiration from these marvelous design ideas:

Picture Windows with Operating Flankers

Mixing large, fixed glass with movable windows is a timeless trend. This arrangement lets you achieve all of your home improvement goals, including increasing capturing panoramic views, boosting daylighting, and increasing ventilation. In fact, it’s so common this window composition has become its own category: the bay. Although the bay is the umbrella term for projection windows, its name becomes the bow when it emphasizes curves more than angles.

Any architectural style, traditional or modern, is welcoming to bay windows for as long as certain quintessential elements are considered. For instance, setting the side units at a 90-degree angle is an unwritten rule in most contemporary home designs.

Transom-ed Patio Doors

Glass hinged or sliding doors are functional and stylish on their own, but the addition of transoms injects more flexibility to your units. Since the universal downside of most glass units is compromising privacy, topping them with a small window lends non-stop daylighting even when you cover your patio doors.

Moreover, the extra use of glass helps open up your space. More glass makes your room feel larger and imbues nature into your interior design.

Double-Hung Corner Windows

Do you have a standalone double-hung unit adjacent to a solid corner? Introduce some utility to your otherwise underused spot by turning your opaque wall into glass. Having corner windows gives more interest to the rooms they serve, drawing the eye using the sweeping views they photograph.

At Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City, our breadth of window and door styles and numerous customization options lets you bring any combination to life. To schedule your FREE, in-home consultation and get a no-obligation estimate for your Kansas City project, call us at (913) 956-0887 right now!

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