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Tips for Matching Interior Trims With Window Casings

Home interiors look better with ttrims. But just because trims make interiors look better, it doesn’t mean using any kind and amount of trim will result to a good-looking home. Trims that don’t go together, or using too much trim, make homes look less attractive.


Matching trims — window casings, door casings, baseboards and crown moldings — enhance a home’s appearance. All of these should match one another in order to make your interiors look better.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at some rules to follow when it comes to matching window trims with other trims for your home.

Stick to One Style

There are a variety of trim styles available on the market today, but you’ll only need to choose one architectural style and stick to it. Your window casing, stool and apron should match the style you use for your baseboards, door casing and crown.

Your trims should also match your window type, whether you are using double-hung, slider, transom or casement windows.

All Trims Should Go Together

After choosing one style for all your trims, make sure they all go together. Window casings should have the same thickness as door casings, baseboards and chair rails, for example.

Vertical trims should match all horizontal trims so that it will be easier to close gaps between their ends. While narrow gaps are easier to close, wider gaps are an eyesore and are difficult to close.

Keep Trims to Scale

Trims should be in proportion to the size of the rooms where they are placed. Small rooms, for example, should have small window casings, baseboards and door casings. Keep everything in balance. You can ask a window company for help in this.

Use Trims Moderately

If your windows and doors have casings, and your walls have baseboards and crowns, you have enough. Trims can take the attention away from other necessary elements in your home, including how your windows look.

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