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The Unique Advantages of Specialty Windows

Your home should reflect your taste and style, and specialty windows may just be what you need to achieve the ideal living space. In today’s post, Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City takes a look at the advantages of specialty windows.

What Are Specialty Windows?

Specialty windows are windows that come in configurations other than the more common rectangular shapes. Unlike standard windows, specialty windows typically do not have sashes, which means they can’t be used for ventilation or egress. However, they can be combined with other window styles to create a unique look.

Advantages of Specialty Windows

If you need something that can help make your home stand out, consider including specialty windows in your list. They can be installed as standalone windows that work as unique and beautiful design elements, or be combined with standard window styles so you won’t have to sacrifice functionality. More glass panels also means a greater viewing area, as well as more natural light.

Specialty windows also work in areas where standard windows or skylights may not be as useful. An entryway can be illuminated with a clerestory window with a unique shape. Some shapes even go with certain themes: circular windows, for example, look great in a home with a nautical theme. A triangular window works as a gable window with a modern touch.

Custom Windows

Off-the-shelf specialty windows offer a limited selection of shapes and sizes, and might not fit existing window openings in your home. When buying specialty windows, you’ll get the best results with some customization. You can decide on the shapes that you want during the planning stage without worrying whether or not they will be available.

Renewal by Andersen offers custom replacement windows, which means you can pick specialty windows in virtually any shape and profile that you can imagine. You can even combine them with standard window styles, with a wide selection of colors and finishes. Since specialty windows are fixed windows, they can improve your home’s energy efficiency and help you save on your heating and cooling bills.

Find out more about custom specialty windows by giving our team at Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City a call at (913) 956-0887. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation. We serve Olathe and the surrounding communities.

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