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The Anatomy of Our Low-E4 Glass

One of the best home improvement project you can embark on is to invest in energy-efficient windows. They help reduce the amount of heat going in and out of your home, allowing your HVAC unit to work less and reducing your home’s overall energy usage. The window itself is comprised of many parts, all working together to keep your home comfy no matter the weather. Let’s take a look at what makes our windows so effective.

The Anatomy of Our Low-E4 Glass

The Anatomy of Our Low-E4 Glass


Our windows come with Fibrex® frames made with wood fiber and composite. These two materials are known for strong insulation. Another benefit is that our frames are thinner, meaning they give you more of a view.

Gas Fillings

Our windows come with argon gas fillings. We use argon because it is an excellent heat diffuser. We also add compressed butyl and silicone sealants to keep leaks and drafts away. This creates an airtight environment for your home.

Glass Coatings

Each window comes with special glass coatings. These low-E4 coats protect your home by blocking ultraviolet radiation. This way, solar heat and UV radiation will not affect your interior or increase your energy costs.

Double Glazing

One glass isn’t enough to keep the heat out, since that won’t cut down most of the heat. To that end, we use double-paned glass for both our doors and windows. These act as extra layers, making the space in between ideal for gas fillings. Each glass also absorbs the heat, filtering it to an acceptable amount.


Lastly, we use aluminum spacers for our windows. These are the sections that separate two glass panes, to keep them from interfering with the gas fillings. We use aluminum because it has a proven reputation for heat resistance.

When you’re ready to renovate your doors or windows, be sure to call Renewal by Andesen® of Kansas City at (913) 956-0887. We serve residents in Kansas City and other nearby areas.

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