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How to Determine if Your Window Seals Have Failed

Weatherproof windows help keep home interiors comfortable by preventing warm outdoor air from entering during summer and by preventing warm indoor air from escaping during winter.

These windows do this with help from inert gases such as argon or krypton sandwiched between two glass panes. These gases reduce the transmission of warm air. In order for these gases to stay effective, however, they need to stay confined between the glass panes of a sealed window.

Over time, however, window seals break down and allow these gases to escape. Moisture will be able to seep through compromised window seals, and will cause windows to become foggy. Residential windows with compromised seals are an unsightly thing indeed.

Now how do you know if your window seals have already failed? Here are a few things you can do.

Clean Your Windows

At times, “foggy” windows are just the result of grime sticking to the glass panes. Start by cleaning your windows, both from inside and outside your home. If they are still foggy, then it’s likely that the seals have already failed.

Look at Your Reflection

The glass panes in sealed windows tend to bend at the center when inert gases leak out. After cleaning your windows, go outside your home and look at your reflection on the window from a considerable distance. If you notice some distortion when it comes to your reflection, it’s a sign that the seals have already failed. It’s easier to do this on windows with wider glass panes, like sliding windows.

Look for Condensation or Fogging Spots

At times, windows with compromised seals don’t look very foggy at all. They will, however, show signs of moisture in certain areas especially depending on weather conditions and humidity.

Fogging or condensation happens when the temperature outside your home varies from your interiors greatly, and there’s considerable humidity in the air. Check your windows when the weather changes to see if moisture will form between the two glass panes.

If you find fogging or condensation anywhere between your window’s two glass panes, then it’s likely that the seals have already failed.

If your double-hung windows are foggy and in need of replacement, contact the pros at Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City for help. Call us at (913) 956-0887 or fill out our online form for a free estimate. We are a trusted window company serving clients in Independence, Olathe and nearby MO communities.

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