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How the Right Windows Can Improve Home Ventilation

Studies show that indoor air quality (IAQ) can be at least twice more polluted than outdoor air. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, poor IAQ is one of the top five health hazards in the country. One way to ensure you have healthy air at home is through sufficient natural ventilation.

Learn how the right windows can improve your home’s ventilation from a trusted provider of French doors and windows.

What Causes Indoor Air Pollution?

Your indoor air can get polluted by your everyday household items. Paint and plastic can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulates, years after being in use. High humidity levels can result in mold and mildew growth, which is not only unsightly and smells bad but can also be harmful to your health. Mold spores can trigger allergy and asthma attacks as well as cause other respiratory problems.

Passive Ventilation

Passive ventilation utilizes doors, windows, vents and other openings to allow fresh air into your space and to let polluted air escape. The style, size and location of these openings can guide air in and out of your home. This method works best when air has undisturbed pathways through your home.

Moreover, you can optimize airflow with an open floor plan or having high vents between rooms. Make sure that you also have operable windows on every side of your home to make the most of the natural breeze. Sliding doors can also help allow more natural air into your space.

Choosing the Right Windows

You need at least two openings in a room for air circulation. In one opening, stale air escapes and fresh air enters through the other opening. Double-hung windows are ideal for small rooms as opening two sashes create two openings, which is essential for achieving passive ventilation. Another window style to consider is bay because it’s made up of several individual units. This window style usually has a picture window in the middle and operable windows on both sides.

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