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Energy Efficiency: Why Focus on Whole-Window Performance?

When shopping around for fenestration products for energy efficiency, compare the whole-window performance of your top options rather than focusing on individual components. A window is a system in which each part should add value to the unit. No element can be single-handedly responsible for the energy performance of the whole.

Energy Efficiency: Why Focus on Whole-Window Performance?
Energy Efficiency: Why Focus on Whole-Window Performance?

At Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City, our residential windows have the best combination of features you will find. We designed our products based on ENERGY STAR®’s energy-efficient window anatomy, but we took it to another level.

Fibrex® Material

When Andersen, our parent company, perfected the composite window technology in the ‘90s, the product was the patented Fibrex material. A cross between reclaimed wood fibers and thermoplastic polymers, it’s a major reason our products have excellent thermal properties and resist air leakage.

It’s two-times as strong as vinyl and insulates about 700 times better than aluminum. Immune to decay, expect it to perform and last as advertised with minimal maintenance.

Double Glazing

Like standard units, our casement, bay, picture and double hung windows have twin panes. Unlike other dual-pane products, though, the distance between the glass sheets of our units are fully optimized. They’re not too close to avoid diminishing the benefit of the air space in heat transfer reduction. And they’re not too far apart either, inhibiting convection.

Spectrally Selective, Low-E Coatings

To filter out the sun’s unwanted rays and admit as much visible light as possible, we use multiple layers of Low-E coatings. Our most energy-efficient glass option has a 0.24 U-factor, blocks 72% of solar heat, reflects 95% of ultraviolet radiation and lets in 65% of sunshine.

Argon Gas Blend

To deliver a healthy trade-off between energy efficiency and affordability, we fill the air space between our glass sheets with our own argon gas blend. Almost as good as krypton but far less costly, it elevates the thermal performance of our bow, specialty and sliding windows.

Stainless Steel Spacer

Unlike other warm-edge spacer materials, we chose stainless steel because of its superior durability. It retains its structural integrity over time, keeping the panes stable and not emitting any gas that can affect glass visibility. It’s so strong we’re able to use less material to conduct even less energy without increasing the chances of seal failure.

Dual Seal

We use two specially formulated sealants to reinforce the gas barrier and help keep our windows structurally sound. Our real secret, however, is removing the Low-E coatings around the edge of the embedded glass. This way, our sealant has a clean surface to adhere to.

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