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Door And Window Issues And Care: Keeping Winter Out Of Your Home – Part III: All Cozy On The Homefront: More Winter Maintenance Tips

It’s not enough to make sure that your windows and doors are ready for the winter; after all, your home isn’t just made up entirely of windows and doors. There’s plenty more that you can do to make sure your home is ready for the cold season. If you haven’t gotten around to them yet, then it’s a good idea to get them done as soon as you can.

Check around your home and yard for overgrown branches

Iced-over or wind-swept tree branches can cause property damage or power problems. If you do have any that overhang your roof, are near your windows, or are near your electrical wiring, take the time to trim them back.

Remove air conditioners from windows

After removing your air conditioners from your windows, make sure to cover the vacated space with insulated liners, to prevent heated air from leaking out and cold outside air from seeping in.

Inspect your roof for shingle problems

Look for areas of missing, damaged, or warped shingles on your roof, and replace them as necessary. Leaving the roof in bad repair could lead to leaks.

Check your roof flashing

Look for signs of deteriorating flashing around your chimneys, walls, and skylights, and around vent pipes. Prevent water penetration by sealing joints with caulking and roofing cement.

Make sure your gutters are secure

Inspect your gutters to make sure they’re properly attached and not sagging. Snow and ice forming on them can easily pull gutters off of your house.

Inspect gutters for clogging and debris

Make sure your gutters are free of debris. Check your downspouts to make sure they’re properly diverting water away from your home to prevent water damage and flooding the foundation.

Inspect your roof vents

Make sure all vents are covered to prevent birds, insects, and other small animals from nesting in them; these areas provide a warm and attractive area for these animals to hole up in during the cold season.

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