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All About Double Hung: History, Customizing, and More

There’s a certain charm to old things: classic films, decadent houses, even design schemes imported from eras past. Old-fashioned windows, in particular, remain popular among homeowners. Leading the traditional bunch are double hung windows.

Double Purpose
Before these units were introduced, most residential windows in Independence, MO, and the rest of the country were casement units. The trouble with side-hung windows was the heavy hardware used on them. The sheer weight prevented manufacturers from making bigger units.

In the 17th century, Robert Hooke came up with a window design that allowed homeowners to move the sashes up and down for easier operation. He eliminated the need for heavy hardware by using a system of counterweights. This allowed manufacturers to produce these units in any size they wanted.

The resulting unit served two important purposes: beauty and function. They are lovely to look at with their vertical orientation, narrow frame, and custom sizes. Further, they open wide to let fresh air in when needed. You can’t be all that surprised that homeowners love them.

Modern Models
Traditionally, double hung windows in Independence, MO, were installed singly. There had to be an expanse of wall on either side of the unit to accommodate furnishings. To maximize design, grids visually divided the top and bottom sashes into smaller pieces of glass (a technique usually referred to as “six over six”).

Today, though, double hung windows are not confined to those configurations. Renewal by Andersen®, for instance, offers more customizable options than any other window company in the country. Here’s how to make your units reflect your style:

Pick a color. Renewal by Andersen uses Fibrex® composite frames in their windows. What’s great about this material (aside from its sturdiness and insulating properties) is that it can be infused with color during the manufacturing process. The colors won’t fade, and the frame itself won’t rot, peel, crack, or chip. You’re left with a unit that stays attractive for a long time.
Interior finish. Choose an interior color that matches your room décor. Double hung units look best in natural finishes (e.g., pine, oak, and maple) or in understated hues (e.g., canvas, Sandtone, or Terratone®).
Exterior finish. You can choose a different frame color for the side facing your neighborhood. Make your exteriors pop with deeper shades like brown, bronze, green, or black.
Choose a glass. You can place double hung windows in any room in the house. However, when installing them in areas directly hit by sunlight, you have to be careful in selecting the glass. Renewal by Andersen lets you pick a glass package that meets your energy requirements. These are the options on their roster:
High-Performance™ Low-E4® – Standard glass feature. Is 56% more efficient in summer (45% more in winter) than ordinary double-pane glass. Can block up to 83% of the sun’s harmful rays.
High-Performance Low-E4 Sun™ Glass – Best for warm climates. Features a darker tint to better control visible light.
High-Performance Low-E4 SmartSun™ – Is 70% more efficient in summer (47% in winter). Most energy-efficient package. Can block up to 95% of UV rays.
Select a grille pattern. Grids add extra character to your windows. They look especially great on double hung units. Show off your creative side by choosing one of these patterns:
Prairie / Modified Prairie
Customize hardware. Who said locks and handles are just for security? They contribute to the beauty of the unit as well. The right color and finish can give any room or space the visual boost it needs. Renewal by Andersen also offers many customizable hardware options. Check with your local dealer about the accessories they carry.
Double hung units look especially beautiful when they reflect your style and taste. That’s why Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City lets you customize your replacement windows down to the last detail. Give us a call at (913) 956-0887 to schedule a free in-home design consultation with our window experts.

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