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Advantages of Replacing Old Windows and Doors This Autumn

As you may know, doors and windows are always exposed to various weather conditions. If your doors and windows are not installed properly or not made of durable materials, they can easily crack and rot because of the cold and hot temperatures they experience as the seasons change.

Many homeowners think that doors and windows should only be checked for repair and maintenance after a storm or heavy rainfall. What they don’t realize is that doors and windows should be inspected and maintained frequently, especially at the start of autumn. Believe it or not, ensuring that they are in excellent condition during fall season can benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

They Help Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

If you want to reduce your utility bills this fall season, you should replace old and damaged doors and windows with energy-efficient ones. For example, installing Renewal by Andersen double hung windows in Independence, MO or a sliding glass door made of Fibrex can help you reduce your daily power consumption.

Renewal by Andersen doors and windows provide thermal control. They have excellent insulating properties and they prevent heat from escaping your home easily. As a result, your family can enjoy a warm and comfortable home this autumn without having to worry about high energy bills.

They Protect Your Home Fallen Leaves and Debris

Fallen leaves and debris are two of the most common nuisance every homeowner encounters during fall season. If your home doesn’t have proper protection, they could easily find their way inside your house.

If you have jammed or unsecured residential windows in Independence MO, it is better to replace them before autumn arrives. This is to prevent dried leaves, dirt, and debris from entering your home.

They Keep Pests Away from Your Family

Humans are not the only ones who love autumn. Insects and rodents love it, too. It is quite common for these critters to find shelter from the cold and misty weather. Since your home has heating, it is very likely that your house would be their first destination. If you don’t want these pesky creatures to invade your home, you have to block every potential entry point for these pests. One way to do that is to keep your doors and windows in good shape. In doing so, you can prevent pests from bringing potential health risks to your family and pets.

Have a Happier and Safer Home This Fall

Fall is a great time to curl up and snuggle with your loved ones. But before you enjoy the “sweater weather,” make sure that your doors and windows are in good shape. Contact us at (913) 956-0887 so we at Renewal by Andersen can provide you with quality door and window products and installation services.

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