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7 Window Installation Mistakes Pros Will Never Make

Who you hire for a window replacement job is of the utmost importance. If your windows aren’t installed correctly, you won’t get the full benefits that they offer and even suffer some of the consequences. To give you an idea, here are seven mistakes that good window installers will never make.

Window Installation Mistakes

1. Wrong Opening Size

Window opening size should be accurate to guarantee a perfect window fit. Pros from the best window companies will always measure the opening and compare the results with the window specifications to ensure a flawless installation.

2. Insufficient Flashing

Flashings are essential when installing replacement windows as they protect the walls from moisture. A lack of flashing often leads to water infiltration, resulting in rot, mold or insulation damage.

3. Incorrect Caulking

Caulks prevent air infiltration and enhance soundproofing. Improper installation can lead to drafts and even water leakage. Pros will only use the highest quality materials and apply caulk properly to ensure your windows are perfectly sealed.

4. Failure to Consider Shading

The placement of your casement windows affects the amount of natural light in each room. Professionals are always aware of this aspect and ensure that an optimal amount of light shines through all your windows. They may also consider the amount of heat entering a room to facilitate temperature regulation.

5. Using Inferior Materials

High-quality materials are essential for a good installation job. Inferior materials are often cheap alternatives and can cause problems down the line. Renewal by Andersen® uses Fibrex® composite frames for their replacement windows as it offers superior insulation and weatherproofing. These frames can last for more than 35 years without requiring significant maintenance.

6. Incorrect Angle

Incorrect window angles can lead to several issues, including air and water infiltration. Poorly angled windows can also prevent you from properly opening and closing them. Professionals always strive to ensure the proper window angles to guarantee optimal performance.

7. Bypassing the Manufacturer’s Guidelines 

Window manufacturers have guidelines regarding the proper installation of their products. Professionals always follow these guidelines to ensure an excellent output. The best window installers are trained and certified, guaranteeing your windows will be installed to the highest standards.

While window installation may seem straightforward on the surface, several potential pitfalls could shorten the lifespan of your units. Trust Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City for all your home improvement needs in Kansas City, MO, and Lenexa, KS. Contact us at (913) 956-0887 or complete our online form to schedule a consultation.

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