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7 Bad Window Maintenance Habits You Should Change

Your windows do more than just let the sunshine in. They play a crucial role in energy efficiency, comfort and aesthetics. But are you giving them the care they deserve? You might be unintentionally neglecting your windows due to some bad habits.

In this post, we explore seven bad window maintenance habits, explain their consequences and help you make the necessary changes so your windows stay in top shape.

1. Not Cleaning Your Windows Regularly

Dirt, dust and debris can accumulate on your windows over time. They don’t only obscure your view, but they can also damage the glass and frames. Establishing a regular cleaning schedule keeps your windows looking and functioning at their best. For residential windows in Independence, MO, aim to clean the glass at least twice a year and wipe down the frames as needed.

2. Ignoring Damaged Seals and Weatherstripping

Seals and weatherstripping are essential in keeping drafts and moisture out, thus maintaining your home’s energy efficiency. If you notice condensation between the glass panes, drafts around the frame or visible damage to the seals, it’s time to call in the professionals.

3. Overlooking Cracks and Chips in Glass

Cracks and chips in your windows may seem minor, but they can worsen over time, compromising your windows’ efficiency and security. If you notice any damage to the glass of your double hung windows in Independence, MO, don’t wait — seek professional help as soon as possible.

4. Not Inspecting Window Hardware

Locks, handles and hinges ensure your windows are properly functioning and secure. Neglecting these components can lead to difficulty opening and closing your windows, leaving your home vulnerable to break-ins. Regularly inspect your window hardware for any signs of damage or wear.

5. Failing to Address Drafts and Leaks

Drafts and leaks around your windows can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency, leading to higher utility bills and uncomfortable indoor temperatures. If you spot any drafts or notice water infiltration near your sliding windows in Olathe, don’t hesitate to seek professional help to address the issue.

6. Using Harsh Chemicals or Abrasive Materials for Cleaning

Cleaning your windows with harsh chemicals or abrasive materials can cause scratches, discoloration or damage to the glass and frames. Instead, opt for mild soap and water or specialized window cleaning products and use a soft cloth to wipe away dirt and grime gently.

7. Not Considering Window Replacement When Necessary

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, windows reach the end of their lifespan and must be replaced. If you’re experiencing persistent drafts, condensation between panes or difficulty using your windows, consider investing in new, energy-efficient units.

Proper window maintenance is essential for keeping your home comfortable, beautiful and energy-efficient. Furthermore, by changing bad maintenance habits, you can ensure your windows remain in excellent condition for years. For all your window maintenance or replacement needs, trust Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City in Lenexa, KS. Contact us at (913) 956-0887 to schedule a consultation.

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