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6 Things You Can Expect From Fibrex

When it comes to window materials, vinyl, wood, aluminum and fiberglass often come to mind. However, one advanced material that stands out for its innovative properties and performance is Fibrex®. Below, we explore what you can expect when you choose our exclusive composite windows.

Expect From Fibrex

1. Unparalleled Strength and Durability. Fibrex material intertwines the sturdiness and insulating attributes of wood with the maintenance ease of vinyl. The unique composition of this composite material results in a frame that is robust, and unlikely to warp, crack, or corrode over time. Not only does this promise long-term functional integrity for your windows, but it also ensures that even in the fluctuating climate, these windows will remain steadfast and perform as intended.

2. Enhanced Thermal Insulation. One of the core advantages of Fibrex is its exceptional thermal insulating properties. In regions where temperatures can vary drastically between seasons, Fibrex can substantially contribute to your home’s energy efficiency. Paired with High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, this material helps keep your home comfortable all year round, ultimately leading to potential savings on heating and cooling expenses.

3. Reduced Maintenance Requirements- Keeping windows in top shape is a considerable commitment, but not when they are equipped with Fibrex frames. The material’s composition reduces the burden of maintenance, as it never requires painting, doesn’t rot, and resists decay and mold growth. Opting for this material means freeing up your weekends and sparing your wallet from the upkeep costs typically associated with more traditional window materials.

4. Aesthetic Versatility. Personalizing your home’s look to mirror your style is essential. Fibrex allows for a range of design options, including slimmer frames for a cleaner, more contemporary look that maximizes your view and natural light entry. Moreover, Fibrex can be manufactured in various colors and finishes, allowing it to blend seamlessly with your home’s existing decor.

5. Environmental Responsibility. Environmentally-conscious homeowners will appreciate the fact that Fibrex is made from 40% reclaimed wood fiber by weight, underscoring Andersen’s commitment to sustainability. Not only does this bolster the material’s insulation properties, but it also signals an eco-friendly choice, aligning with the ENERGY STAR® qualifications for green building standards.

6. Assurance of Quality. A standout feature of Fibrex is the confidence it offers homeowners through the comprehensive warranty backing provided by Renewal by Andersen. Offering a 20/2/10 Limited Warranty, this is one of the industry’s most robust guarantees, covering aspects many competitors’ warranties do not consider, such as labor for valid claims.

Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City offers replacement windows equipped with an outstanding framing material that redefines standards. Fibrex is an innovative solution that offers unmatched strength, top-notch energy efficiency, reduced maintenance, aesthetic flexibility, and environmental responsibility, all under a protective warranty. By choosing our Fibrex windows, you are investing in superior performance and peace of mind.

Call us at (913) 956-0887, or complete our online form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to serving homeowners in Kansas City, MO, and surrounding areas.

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