Fraud Blocker Solar Heat Gain: Is It a Cause for Concern?
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Solar Heat Gain: Is It a Cause for Concern?

Energy efficiency is a vital thing to consider when choosing replacement windows. When selecting products, you might encounter unfamiliar terms, including solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). SHGC pertains to how much solar energy is converted into heat once it penetrates a window.

Solar Heat Gain

Read on to learn more about solar heat gain and if it should concern you.

What Is Solar Heat Gain?

SHGC measures the solar radiation directly transmitted, absorbed or generated as heat inside a structure. Units with lower SHGC transmit less solar heat and have better shading capabilities. On the other hand, products with high SHGC bring more heat to your indoor spaces.

Sunlight is either deflected away or it enters through your windows. The light that passes through makes the items inside your home warm. The heat from these objects can influence the temperature of your living space. One way to keep your interior from becoming too hot is to invest in windows with a low SHGC value.

Should You Be Concerned About This?

Your climate will determine the ideal SHGC for your new windows. The orientation of your house and how much shade it receives can also affect your options. If you’re unsure which products suit your home, you can always consult a reputable window company.

Solar heat gain can benefit your home, depending on where you live. For instance, if you are in a colder climate, windows with higher SHGC can help keep your living space warm. If you live somewhere warmer, consider units with low SGHC.

Another thing to consider when choosing windows is where they will be installed. The southern part of your house typically receives the most sunlight. It means you want windows with low solar heat gain in this area. Meanwhile, the northern part of your home doesn’t receive much sunlight, meaning it will benefit from windows with high SHGC.

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