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Should You Replace Your Sliding Door with a French Door?

There are plenty of things to love about sliding patio doors. For starters, they help create a more accessible home with their smooth operation. Not only that–their sleek and neat design can make a huge difference to the overall look of your home. Sliding doors remain a solid option, but you may find that the classic design and unique advantages of hinged French doors can be just as appealing. So should you make the switch? The trusted window and door replacement company in the area Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City, offers a quick answer:

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You Should–And Here’s Why

Hinged French patio doors offer several benefits that make them a worthy investment for every homeowner. These include:

  • Timeless Design. French doors evoke elegance and timeless beauty, adding an instant focal point to whatever room they are installed in. If used as a patio door, they help create a dramatic entry point between your home’s interior and your outdoor living space. The French patio doors offered by Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City can be personalized with your choice of color combinations, glass, hardware finish and locking system, allowing for many design possibilities.

  • Smoother Movement. French doors create a wide opening that allows for smoother movement to and from your home. This feature makes entertaining a large group of people a breeze. Because of this same wide opening, French patio doors also direct fresh, cooling breezes into your home, helping improve its indoor air quality.

  • Maximized Viewing Area. Even when closed, French patio doors can still benefit you. The multiple glass panes running down their length may be divided by lites, but they can still offer you an optimized view of the outdoors.

  • Improved Energy Efficiency. Much like casement windows, French doors create an airtight seal when closed, preventing drafts from leaking into your home, while ensuring that warm and conditioned air won’t escape outside.

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Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City specializes in high-quality doors installation. Look no further for hinged French and sliding contemporary patio doors that not only add to your home’s aesthetics, but also improve its function and efficiency. We proudly serve the areas in and around Kansas City, Independence, and Olathe, MO. Schedule a patio door consultation by calling us at (913) 385-1300 or filling out this contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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