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Should You Open Your Windows During Hot Days?

Summer can get unbearably hot, so you’ll want to make sure you cool your home in the most efficient way possible. You may be tempted to keep running the HVAC on, but some people claim that you may be better off opening your windows when things get too hot. Is there some truth to this? Experts on residential windows weigh in on the matter.

Windows During Hotter Days

Ventilation vs Insulation

When things are getting hot, you can rely on two things to help get the temperature out. The first one would be ventilation, where cool air can keep flowing in and hot air can flow out. On the other hand, there’s insulation, where your home’s ability to keep indoor air regulated will keep the temperatures comfortable. These two factors decide which option is better for your home.

When to Open Your Windows?

The best time to open your windows during summer is at night, when the temperature outside is cooler than indoors. Strategically-located double-hung windows will keep fresh cool night air flowing into your home, while your roof vents and some windows act as outlets for the hot air. Opening windows during cloudy but warm days is also a good option.

When to Keep Them Closed

If the temperature outside is hotter than how it is inside, you’re better off keeping your windows closed and relying on insulation rather than ventilation. This is where energy-efficient windows and window treatments will play a crucial role in preventing heat and sunlight from warming up the air indoors. This is true even when there’s a strong breeze outside as an open window will just let more warm air inside.

Replacing Your Windows

If your home’s current windows have poor insulation or do not allow adequate airflow when opened, then you need to have them replaced. You can upgrade to bigger sliding windows with Fibrex® frames and Low-E glass that works well for both ventilation and insulation, especially during the summer season.

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