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How Can New Windows Help Your Home “Go Green”?

As the need for more environmentally friendly options grows, homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce their home’s carbon footprint. According to our team of specialists, one of the best ways to “go green” is by getting new residential windows. How exactly does switching out your home’s old windows help with the situation?

New Windows Help Your Home “Go Green”

Improving Insulation

The first  improvement you should notice when getting new windows is with your home’s insulation. New windows have more airtight seals, which means no more drafts. Since the drafts are gone, the HVAC will use less energy to keep your home comfortable, saving precious resources as well as your money!

Having Better Ventilation

Switching to a different type of window can improve your home’s ventilation. For example, if you change from a double-hung window to a casement window, you can get a bigger opening that allows more air to circulate. New replacement windows are also less likely to jam which makes it easier to open or close them as necessary. On the other hand, using double hung windows in small areas allows airflow even if other window options are too big to fit in.

Reducing Maintenance

Because window maintenance often requires washing with water and a cleaning solution, newer windows can help you save by requiring less of it. Because replacement windows tend to be more durable and corrosion resistant, you get to use less chemicals such as coatings and cleaning solutions that can contribute to ground pollution. You also get to use less water because you need to clean them less often.

Less Landfill Waste

Old windows tend to end up as waste material that just gets dumped in landfills. On the other hand, many of today’s replacement windows can be made of materials that can easily be repurposed at the end of their lifespan. Furthermore, some options like sliding windows with Fibrex®  frames are partially made of recycled materials, which means it helps window manufacturers conserve raw materials.

Go green with our high-quality replacement windows. Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City is the leading roofing contractor in Independence, MO, and Olathe, KS. You can call us at (346) 229-1146 or fill out this contact form to request a quote.

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