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Do You Need a Permit to Replace Your Windows?

While replacing windows around your house may seem like a pretty straightforward endeavor, there is still a lot of confusion about the need to acquire a permit. Just to set the record straight, if you are getting replacement windows, you will need a permit from your city or county if the existing opening is expanded or if the surrounding walls are altered in any way.

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Why Are Permits Required?

If you are expanding the window openings of your house sideways, it only makes sense that you will need a building permit. This is because enlarging an opening sideways will likely require the cutting of studs on either side of the window which could cause the structure to become unstable. This is the case even if you are widening the opening by only a few inches.

Who Is Responsible for Obtaining the Permit?

Technically, obtaining a permit from city government is the homeowner’s responsibility. This involves submitting the application, paying the fees and making sure that the permit is granted before the window company begins.

Most contractors understand that this process can be tedious and time-consuming, so they offer to apply for the permit on behalf of the client as part of their service. Unfortunately, there are some window installers who do not want to trouble themselves, so they simply tell the homeowner that a permit is not required. This is wrong and risky. When interviewing prospective contractors, be sure to ask who is responsible for securing the permit to avoid confusion.

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