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Window Seal Failure: 7 Signs to Look For

Have you ever noticed foggy windows or felt a draft coming through your window and wondered what might be causing it? Chances are, your windows may be experiencing seal failure. Window seal failure can lead to various issues, from reduced energy efficiency to unsightly damage. This blog post will discuss window seal failure indications so you can fix them quickly and keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient.

1. Condensation Between Panes

Condensation occurs when the sealant that holds the panes together deteriorates, allowing moisture to seep in. It not only obstructs your view but also negatively impacts your windows’ energy efficiency.

2. Distorted or Cracked Glass

Distorted or cracked glass panes can be caused by pressure changes, temperature fluctuations, or physical stress. Besides being unsightly, cracked glass can pose a safety risk. To protect your home, an expert must examine the damage and recommend a solution.

3. Difficulty Opening and Closing Windows

Window seal failure can also result in operational issues, such as difficulty opening and closing windows. This could damage the windows and hinder their functionality. Timely repairs are essential to ensure smooth operation and prevent further damage.

4. Visible Gaps Around the Window Frame

If you can see gaps around your window frame, it’s a clear sign of window seal failure. These gaps can potentially lead to further damage to your doors and windows. Professional assessment and timely repairs are crucial to addressing this issue and keeping your home in excellent condition.

5. Drafty Windows

Feeling a draft near your closed windows? This is another sign that your window seals may have failed. Drafty windows can compromise your home’s comfort and lead to higher energy bills as your heating and cooling systems work overtime.

6. Peeling Paint or Rotting Wood

Moisture damage, such as peeling paint or decaying wood around window frames, can harm your home’s appearance and structure. Experts in home improvement are well-versed in addressing these problems, ensuring your home remains protected and at its best.

7. Increased Noise Pollution

Window seal failure can also impact the noise levels inside your home. As the seals deteriorate, they become less effective at blocking out external noise. Renewal by Andersen offers a range of noise reduction solutions to help you maintain a peaceful and quiet living space.

Addressing window seal failure is crucial to maintaining a comfortable, energy-efficient, safe home. For expert assistance with window seal failure issues, contact Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City at (913) 956-0887 or fill out our online form today!

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