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4 Reasons Winter Is the Season for Window Replacement

Winter is the perfect season to replace windows. The cold temperature has several benefits for workers and your new windows. In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City, a renowned home improvement company, lists four reasons winter is the best season to have window replacements.

1. Lower Prices

Winter window replacements are more affordable than in spring or summer. Most companies offer discounts for window installation and replacement to beat winter’s downtime, letting you easily find a good deal on window replacements. Planning to use the same window types and sizes? You can expect significant savings on replacement and installation labor.

2. Easier Installation

It’s easier to install new windows in cold weather. Since temperatures are lower, the window frames won’t expand and contract too much. Moreover, contractors may be more available to do installation during winter since it’s not peak season for construction or home improvement projects.

3. Faster Repairs

The cold season makes windows quicker to repair and more affordable. Winter is a great time to have it done if your windows can still perform well and need minor repairs and adjustments.

4. Enjoy the Benefits of the New Windows

New windows have features to stabilize your temperatures. For instance, if you’re replacing single-pane windows with Renewal by Andersen’s Low-E4® or any double- or triple-paned windows, the extra layer of insulation will reduce energy costs significantly.

Need window installations using premium, long-lasting products? Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City offers a wide variety of energy-efficient windows that can help you save money on your energy bills. We also have high-quality doors with exceptional insulation levels and lifespans. Renewal by Andersen also offers a no-obligation consultation to help you find the perfect windows. Call us today at (913) 956-0887 or fill out this contact form to get a free quote. We proudly serve homes in Kansas City.

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