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5 Misconceptions About Home Improvement Projects

There are times when your house can use a breath of fresh air. Once you hire the contractor to get new windows and furniture, the whole project may seem like smooth sailing. However, there are still some decisions that could cost you time and money. Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City discusses five important misconceptions home improvement projects.

5 Misconceptions About Home Improvement Projects
Home Improvement Projects

Everything is Set in Stone– Say you have enough money and time to change the windows and you decide to call the contractor. Their first question will most likely be “How do you want it to look?” Remember that this is your house and you get to make the choices, so always have an idea of what kind of improvements you want. You should also ask friends, family, or consult online experts before investing in renovations.

Shorter Construction Time is Cheaper– It’s tempting to find someone who can replace your doors over the weekend instead of a couple of months. However, risking a faster and cheaper job for your house usually means shoddy work from a rushed deadline. With this comes other hazards including accidents at home and further renovation expenses. Be patient and understand that the longer it takes, the better its long-term use will be.

Trust Your Budget- Say your contractor suggests a thousand dollars for the job and you trust them enough to stick only to the budget in mind. Sounds good, right? The problem is that anything can happen during the repairs that could lead to additional expenses. For example, your contractor could find some unseen or unexpected structural problems as they remove your windows. Always prepare for the possibility of spending more than you bargained for.

Your House, Your Rules– Before you decide to break a new hole in the wall for new patio doors, remember that you probably need permission before doing so. Several people might not approve of your project, from your neighbor to your local town council. Make sure you check the rules before you end up having to undo everything you paid for.

Style Is Everything- Everybody wants their home to look great. It’s nice to show off the style and aesthetics of each design. That said, a luxurious look could also mean lots of maintenance and funding. Always be realistic about your renovations in terms of your budget, your house and your time.

Once you feel ready to renovate your doors or windows, be sure to call Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City at (913) 956-0887. Our products and services are backed by industry-leading warranties for your peace of mind. We serve Kansas City and nearby areas.

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