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3 Advantages of Engineered Wood Doors

Solid wood doors have an undeniable beauty. Whether it’s oak or maple, any hardwood door can instantly improve the looks of any home. This beauty comes at a price, however, and more people are jumping the fence to the more affordable engineered wood core doors installation. Is it really the superior option, though?

3 Advantages of Engineered Wood Doors

Read on as our seasoned professionals at Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City dig deeper to find out about the advantages and drawbacks of engineered-core doors.

Core Construction

Solid doors are typically sawn from one big slab of solid hardwood, hence their name. The connections between these slabs are jointed, dowelled or glued together, and this construction is often enough to hold the door together to withstand a considerable amount of abuse.

On the other hand, engineered-cores have a reputation for being a little too on the flimsy side of the spectrum. The core is formed by multiple layers of wood, arranged so the grains are all at different directions. This core is covered by a veneer and lipped at the edges.

Advantages of Engineered Wood

Against a battering ram, the solid door is the shoo-in. However, it’s unlikely this strength will ever be needed. Solid wood is particularly vulnerable to moisture, humidity and temperature. Changes in the weather can lead to warping, causing opening problems, particularly in sliding doors.

This is where the layered core of engineered wood doors shows its strength. Since the layers are piled in more than one direction, the shearing and stresses brought about by changes in humidity and temperature are evenly distributed throughout the structure, making it the more durable option overall.

Known Limitations

If you’re considering French doors for your patio made with an engineered-wood core, you must take into consideration how and where this particular type of door performs best. They particularly work best as patio doors because the constant exposure to the elements bears little effect on an engineered door. However, their sturdiness may not make them ideal for front door roles.

Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City offers a wide variety of engineered doors to fit any homes’ needs. Call us today at (913) 956-0887 to request an estimate or an in-home demo, absolutely free. We serve Olathe and all nearby areas.

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