Fraud Blocker Entry Door Pre-Replacement Considerations
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Entry Door Pre-Replacement Considerations

What’s the first thing that draws your eye when you look at another house? That’s right—its front door. A house’s entry door is the single most important structural piece of a house, and just one glance at it allows you to instantly decide whether the occupants are traditional, quirky, or somewhere in between.

Entry Door Pre-Replacement

This importance should also guide you when you want to replace your doors. Granted, this isn’t something that happens all the time, but if you need to, you should consider a few things before you commit to a doors installation. Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City suggests thinking about these first.


One of the most important considerations is style. The last thing you need is to make your door look out of place with the rest of your home’s elements.

To avoid an architectural fashion faux pas, it’s helpful to look at your house’s underlying architecture. If you have a Colonial home, best choose doors made of multiple-paneled wood, sidelights and transoms. For French Country homes, French doors are ideal, or any double door type, whether they’re full glass or just using glass panels.


By “type,” we mean material. There are various materials in vogue today, such as:

  • Wood – Wood is the most basic material when it comes to doors, but it’s also one of the types best suited for sophisticated designs. However, it’s also prone to rot, termites, and warping, especially in areas with high heat and humidity.

  • Steel – Steel is the best for durability, low maintenance, and security. These doors are heavy, expensive and may be prone to corrosion, staining or rust if they’re not made from stainless steel (or treated with an anti-corrosion coating).

  • Composite – At Renewal by Andersen, we use a composite material for our doors. This gives our door products the elegance and strength of wood without its weaknesses.


Finally, your doors are just going to be swinging or sliding panels that offer zero security if you don’t look for hardware as well. If you decide to go for off-the-shelf, though, most doors already have hardware built-in.

At Renewal by Andersen, however, you can customize your door hardware to the hilt. While some of our hardware comes standard—such as our 5-point locking system for hinged doors and a reach-out lock for our sliding doors—you can also add exterior keyed locks and foot locks for additional security.

Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City offers both classic and modern door types, such as sliding doors, for your entry door replacement. To learn more about our door products, call us today at (913) 385-1300. You can also fill out our form to get started. We serve residents of Olathe and nearby areas.

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