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Windows and Doors for Aging in Place

Preparing to age in place and making your home safer and more comfortable for your aging parents are as good as any other reason to start a home improvement project. There are many components of your home that you can change to facilitate aging in place. One of those components is the functionality of your windows and doors.

replacing windows for aging in place

Easy to Operate

Replacing your old windows and doors with new, easy-to-operate ones should be high on your list of priorities for your aging-in-place home improvement project. Windows and doors that slide on a track are much easier to operate than those you have to push and pull. The hardware is important too; you shouldn’t exert too much effort trying to crank a window open.

You might love your double-hung windows, but as you get older, it will be more challenging to push up to open them. Replacing them now with easy-to-operate casement windows is a good idea. Though you have to push and pull to operate them, they won’t be as heavy, especially if you get good-quality windows from reputable manufacturers such as Renewal by Andersen®. Windows you can open by sliding them to the side on a track are also great, especially when you have to reach to operate them, such as at the back of the kitchen sink.

As for patio doors, you can replace your old ones with sliding glass doors. Renewal by Andersen offers high-quality doors that slide smoothly on a track.

Instead of choosing round doorknobs, get high-quality levers. They are more comfortable to operate even for those with arthritic hands.

Allows More Natural Light

Natural lighting is very important for the elderly, as a dark environment is unhealthy and poses the risks of tripping and falling. You don’t want to depend too much on artificial lighting, as this is unhealthy and it also consumes more energy.

Doors and windows with plenty of glass areas allow more natural light. When you choose Renewal by Andersen windows, you can be sure that they have more glass. The frames and sashes are manufactured with Fibrex®, Renewal by Andersen’s proprietary material that combines the best qualities of wood and vinyl while also getting rid of their common weaknesses, so your windows have thinner frames and sashes yet they are sturdier and more weather- and temperature-resistant.

Lowered Windows

If your windows are too high, it’s a good idea to hire a contractor to lower or enlarge them. In case of an emergency, you might need to exit through a window, so if you have windows on the ground level or very close, it would be safer and easier to get out.

We can discuss your need for new windows and doors. Call Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City at (913) 385-1300 or tell us about your project here. We’re ready to help you in Kansas City.

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