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Window Types that Complement Different Kansas Home Styles

Kansas is home to rich history, gorgeous cityscapes, and beautiful architectural designs. In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City shares how you can choose the perfect window style for your home. Moreover, we will discuss the exclusive features of our windows that make these a big hit in the neighborhood.

Window Types that Complement Different Kansas Home Styles


These homes have various shapes, including square, L-shape, T-shape, Y-shape, and even pinwheel-shape. Prairie homes have low-pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, and open floor plans. Traditional window styles will likely work. Double hung windows in Independence, MO, complement a prairie home well. These have a sleek and stylish design that highlights the unique features of architecture. Aside from double hung, you can use picture windows, as these create an illusion of a wider household.


Homeowners with ranch architectures enjoy minimalism when it comes to exterior and interior designing. While modernist ideas are incorporated with informal decorations when styling a ranch house, its casual form still dominates. You can pick sliding, double hung, and picture windows for ranch houses. For patios, sliding doors will look fantastic. Keep in mind that ranch architecture is easy to design; you just need to be bold and creative.


Colonial architecture is all about definition and intricacy. There are many types of colonial home styles, including French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Mid-Atlantic, and Colonial Georgian. All of these have something in common: antiquity. Double hung and sliding windows will definitely work for this home style. Nevertheless, you may try something new with Renewal by Andersen’s specialty windows. With these, you can get as artistic as you want.

If you need help in choosing residential windows in Independence, MO, turn to us. Aside from aesthetic value, our replacement windows offer many benefits. We owe it to our very own Fibrex® composite frame and High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass. Fibrex combines the stability and strength of wood with the maintenance ease of vinyl. Our special glass package provides exceptional protection from the sun’s harmful UV and IR rays. Together, these two innovations make our windows energy-efficient.

For more information on our replacement windows, call us at (913) 956-0887. We will be happy to recommend the best window styles in Kansas.

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