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Window Style Series: Traditional Double Hung Windows

Robert Hooke introduced the first double hung windows in the 17th century. They became more popular at the turn of the 18th century, and to this day, various homes still use them. Let’s take a closer look at double-hung windows and why they have endured over the years.

Window Style Series: Traditional Double Hung Windows
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What Are Double Hung Windows?

Double hung windows are made of two operable sashes that slide up and down. A system of counterweights ensures the smooth operation of this window style. Modern double hung replacement windows in Kansas City come with advanced features that make them more energy-efficient, stylish, and durable. These features add to the numerous benefits that original double hung windows offer.

Homeowners choose double hung windows because they allow more ventilation and light. You can open both sashes to let in a breeze. You can also have access to panoramic outdoor views because of the large glass area.

Where Do You Install Double Hung Windows?

As these windows provide natural light and ventilation, they are ideal for stuffy and/or dark rooms in your home. You can also place them in your dining room to lend it an outdoor dining vibe. On your front porch, you can place double hung windows side by side for a unique look. The bedroom, living room, and sunroom are other areas where you can place this type of window.

Where Do You Get Quality Windows?

Double hung windows aren’t just a traditional choice for your home. With Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City, you can have the benefits of this window style and more. We are a trusted window company in Kansas City, MO that offers windows made from the top materials in the industry. These materials include:

• Fibrex® – Our composite material guarantees a rot-, fade-, and warp-free window for many years. Fibrex combines the strength of wood and the easy maintenance of vinyl. It is also a better insulator than other materials.

• High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass – We have several glass options that increase overall energy efficiency. This material effectively reflects heat away from your home, helping maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City can create a traditional window with all the advanced features that homeowners look for. If you want to learn more about double hung windows, just fill out our contact form. We’ll be happy to give you a free in-home consultation.

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