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Why Do Cats Like to Lounge Next to Windows?

Cats are quite fascinated with windows and can stay there for hours. You don’t have to worry about them being bored as staring outside is all the entertainment they’ll ever need.

Here are tips for creating a comfortable window perch for cats from a leading window company, Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City.

Why Cats Love to Hang Out Next to Windows

Cats are one of the most curious creatures out there. They find the outdoors more interesting than your indoor spaces. They find pleasure in staring at what’s outside. These creatures are crepuscular or active during day and night. Looking outside can keep them busy when everyone is sleeping or when you’re not at home.

In the summer when your casement windows are open, your pet smells various scents it isn’t familiar with. At times, smell and sound are more stimulating than sight. Even when windows are closed, your cat can still hear and smell.

When the weather is hot, staying near the window can cool them off. Cats may try to catch the flies that land on your windows. Since most cats hate dogs, your cat may be trying to scare away a dog.

Make a Comfy Window Perch for Your Cat

Place a bird feeder or birdbath in an area where it can be seen from the windows. Your cat can watch birds come and go as they feed in your yard. Leaving the lights on will attract insects, which your cats will enjoy looking at each night. It will create a mentally stimulating game for your cat.

Wider window sills will create a better viewing experience for your cat. You don’t have to change your window sills for this. Place a table or couch next to the window where your cat can easily perch on.

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