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When Your Windows Are Telling You Something’s Wrong

Windows don’t talk, but they usually let you know when there’s a problem. While not all issues merit immediate action, it pays to listen up to avoid missing what might be major causes for concern. In severe cases, faulty windows can waste energy and compromise home safety.

When Your Windows Are Telling You Something’s Wrong

Understand the common messages residential windows communicate in the event of failure:

You See Condensation Inside the Panes of Glass

Under normal circumstances, condensation is more of a moisture issue than a window problem. During cold months, the outer surface of the glass normally fogs or sweats because of excessive indoor humidity. When the moist air can’t escape your home, the water vapor will turn into tiny droplets upon meeting cooler objects.

It becomes a window problem, though, when the condensation occurs within the glass. The moisture shouldn’t be able to infiltrate the air space between the panes since they’re supposed to be sealed. When the moist air finds its way in, it means the sealant is deteriorating.

You Struggle to Open and Shut Your Double Hung Windows

The operation of wooden sash windows usually becomes jerky when the material is swelling. It could be because it’s damp or the air is heavy with humidity. Things can go back to normal when the temperature changes again.

However, old units are notorious for having balance issues. The balance is the mechanism that allows the raised window to stay up. If this is the culprit, getting replacement double hung windows is advisable.

You Experience Drafts When Your Windows Are Closed

Technically, all operating windows let a minuscule amount of air enter. It shouldn’t be noticeable nor should it increase your utility bills significantly. But when you can feel cold breezes when windows are completely shut, the draft may point to bad weatherstripping.

Getting a new component is a quick fix, but replacing the problem unit is the long-term solution.

Having these problems may not always be enough reason to retire your old units, but tackling a replacement project delivers more practical benefits. New casement, bay or sliding windows can eliminate periodic maintenance, provide excellent daylighting and bring your home up to code.

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