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What to Know Before Converting a Window Into a Patio Door

New French doors make your home more luxurious and stylish. If you’re considering turning your old windows into a patio door, it’s best to leave the job to professionals. It’s because this project will require advanced carpentry work.


Consider these things if you’re thinking of converting your window into a patio door.

Talk to a Project Consultant

Take note of your window’s structure, suitable materials to use, electrical wirings and your home’s foundation when turning a window into a patio door. A consultation with a project consultant will let you determine if you need a permit for your door installation.

Choose a Reliable Contractor

Your door contractor will let you know of all the work they will do to your window so you’ll know what to expect. Depending on your wall’s material, you may need to find a company to do the job. Only a few window contractors have experience in trimming down concrete walls. Save yourself from the hassle and hire a company that can complete all the necessary work.

Electrical Wiring Around the Window

The wall around your future patio door may have electrical wiring. You may need to hire an electrician if your project has to interrupt the wiring. It will ensure that your electrical wirings are placed back properly.

Prepare for Refinishing & Replacements

Your window contractor would try their best not to make unnecessary modifications to your window’s header and drywall. However, a header expansion is nearly impossible without tearing off the drywall first. It’s often part of making way for the patio door’s opening.

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