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What Is Daylighting?

As more and more homes strive to become more energy-efficient, a new trend in design and architecture has been gaining popularity. It’s called ‘daylighting’ and its concept is simple: maximize the use of sunlight to brighten up the interior of a home. From classic double-hung windows to expansive picture windows, many manufacturers are taking daylighting into consideration when building their replacement window products.

Electric lighting represents a sizable chunk in your monthly energy consumption. This is a problem that our experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City have learned to address with the help of our superior line of replacement windows and doors as well as the following tips.

Effective Daylighting

The idea behind daylighting is fairly straightforward. During the day, you can use the sun’s natural light to illuminate your home. As you may have guessed, your choice of residential windows plays a big part in this. The objective is to gain the benefits of sunlight without sacrificing privacy or security. Choosing the right type of replacement windows, as well as their position in your home, are the key elements of effective daylighting.


While letting in light from the sun into your home offers plenty of benefits, it can also heat up your interior quickly. It’s important to use the right type of glazing to let the light inside but keep the heat outside. Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows come standard with Low-E4® glazing that has a high SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) on its own. However, you can further customize your glass with other efficient options to further enhance your insulation.

Glass Areas

Frame strength is a limiting factor on how much glass area your window can have. Renewal by Andersen uses an exclusive thermopolymer composite in all our replacement windows, allowing for more expansive glass areas and better daylighting for your interior. As it is, you also want to choose a window type that also has large glass areas on their own. These include the picture, bay or sliding windows.

Learn more about how you can incorporate daylighting in your next home improvement project with the help of our design specialists at Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City. Give us a call today at (913) 385-1300 or fill out our contact form to schedule a no-obligation in-home consultation and get a free quote. We serve homeowners in Olathe, Independence and other neighboring areas in MO.

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