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What Are the Advantages of Installing Casement Windows?

New windows will boost the beauty of your home as well as its energy efficiency and weather protection. Casements are definitely great to have because they offer performance, function and beauty. This popular window style comes with more benefits than you can imagine.

What Are the Advantages of Installing Casement Windows?

Keep on reading to learn the benefits of installing casement windows.

Improved Ventilation

If you need to improve ventilation in your home, then casements can help you with that. These windows are great to have in almost any part of the house since they can bring in the fresh air and allow stale air to escape. They can catch side breezes since the open sash works like a flap to let air into your living spaces.

Expansive Outdoor Views

Did you know that you can capture breathtaking views through your doors and windows? Compared to other popular operable window styles, you can get more clear views from casements. They do not have grid lines that tend to obstruct your view.

Improved Security

Casement windows have hook-shaped locks for added security. With casements, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home stays protected.

Wide Range of Customization Options

You want windows that will both look appealing on your exterior and interior. Casement windows will not only make your house more attractive, but they will also add to its value. This is beneficial for those who are considering selling in the future. No matter the style of your home, it would look great with casement windows. This window style is available in a wide range of designs, such as French, pushout and Colonial grill.

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