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Using Specialty Windows to Best Effect

Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City’s specialty windows are a work of art. They add a definite wow factor to your home design, inside and out. Apart from bringing flair to ordinary-looking glass units, they promote maximum daylighting with their unique shapes and dramatic fashion.

Using Specialty Windows to Best Effect
Specialty Windows

Here are the best ways to use our specialty replacement windows to best effect:

Install Quaint Transoms

Instead of replacing in kind, change your square or rectangular transoms with oddly cut units. The curves of arched windows can spice up your interior and exterior designs and diversify your architecture’s geometry.

With the right execution, the fusion of different glass shapes looks sexy irrespective which era your home’s style was born.

Admit Light in Private with a Porthole

For tiny bathrooms that badly need natural illumination, a porthole set high above the wall is a neat choice. Compared with angular shapes, a circle would eat less of your scarce wall space. With its location, it wouldn’t compromise your privacy.

Because of its fixed nature, we only recommend it when you don’t rely on windows for ventilation. Otherwise, we suggest an operable unit that suits short walls, like a sliding window.

Make a Grand Welcome with an Eye-Popping Fanlight

Any window company would agree that an entry with an oversized fanlight makes a statement. Other than producing a striking impression, the expansive glass can accentuate your ceiling’s height and lend your foyer abundant illumination. Of all our specialty windows, we recommend our Springline™ or Equal Leg Arch to pull off this architecturally savvy concept.

Waste No Space with Clerestories

Do you want your walls to do more for you? Lose them in favor of artistic clerestories. These high-rise units can complement the ventilating ability of your double-hung and casement windows. They provide non-stop illumination, which makes a healthy home in many ways.

Discover all of our specialty window configurations in Kansas City, MO. Call Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City today at (913) 956-0887 to schedule your free, in-home consultation and explore our entire product line.

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