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Tips to Keep Your Windows in Top Shape This Fall

Many people look forward to the fall because of its cozy weather and vibrant colors. One thing that you should include in your list of activities this season is window maintenance. By making sure that your windows are in good shape, you can extend their life, keep them at optimum performance, and maintain their appeal.

Windows in Top Shape This Fall

A trusted window company shares quick and simple tips for maintaining your windows this fall.

Make Sure to Use the Right Cleaning Products

Many modern windows are easy to care for and don’t require as much maintenance. However, you do need to clean your windows regularly. It prevents the accumulation of dust, dirt and other debris that can obstruct your outdoor views and even hinder window operation.

Before cleaning your windows, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions about which tools and cleaning products you can use. As much as possible, only use mild cleaning solutions, such as soap and water, for the task. Also, be sure not to use abrasive tools for cleaning to avoid causing scratches to your windows.

Don’t Forget to Clean Sills and Tracks

Routine cleaning helps ensure your double-hung, sliding or casement windows remain easy to open and close. You can remove the buildup of dust and debris from the sills and tracks using a vacuum.

When Cleaning Can’t Restore Your Windows to Its Former Glory?

Sometimes, cleaning isn’t enough to bring back your windows in good condition. You’ll know it’s time to get new ones if there is condensation on the inside of the panes. It indicates that the window seals have been compromised, and the affected unit is no longer efficient. Drafts, discomfort and increasing energy costs are also signs your windows need replacement.

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