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Tips for Containing the Mess During a Window Replacement

Home improvement projects, such as door installation and window replacement, can be messy. Dust and dirt are inevitable while removing and installing new windows. However, with proper planning and by hiring a skilled contractor, you can minimize the mess during your project.

Here are ways to contain the mess during a window replacement job.

Close All Doors During the Installation

To prevent dust from spreading to other rooms and areas of your home, make sure all doors are kept closed. By keeping the dust in one part of the house, it will be easier for your contractor to contain refuse material and clean up after the job.

Use Outside-Facing Fans Around Windows

You can blow the dust outdoors by setting up outside-facing fans around your window. This method is especially helpful in smaller areas. However, you should consider the outside weather before setting up a fan. Strong winds might just draw the dust back inside when the rough opening is exposed.

Keep the Job Site Sealed

Hanging plastic drop sheets during the installation of windows or French doors is a huge help. Make sure that the job site is airtight and all gaps are sealed to effectively prevent dirt and dust from spreading.

Protect Your Belongings

It can be difficult to remove furniture and appliances in a room, especially larger pieces. What you can do is to move your belongings as far as possible from the windows. You should also cover the items in the room with a plastic cover or drop cloth.

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