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Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Windows During Fall

Fall has arrived, and you’re ready to start cleaning your windows before leaves start to pile up and things get too chilly outside. To fully take in the wondrous views of fall, a clean window is a must for the best indoor experience. But to do this, you’ll have to adjust the way you clean your windows first. As is expected of seasonal home improvement, different climates require different sets of procedures and processes. Unsure if you’re doing it right? Window expert Renewal by Andersen® is here to help!

Prepare Your Supplies

To begin, take inventory of the supplies and cleaning products you have in storage. Since temperatures cool down, you’ll have to prepare supplies that match the task and climate. Make sure you’re wearing a mask, as fall introduces an increased amount of scattered organic material and moisture in the area, making allergens like pollen and mold spores more abundant in the air. Wear appropriate cleaning apparel that also protects you from the chilly climate that is also comfortable and easy to move in.

Plan the Cleaning Schedule

Before you start cleaning, plan your schedule accordingly, and try to match it with the weather. Cleaning on a cloudy morning gets you shinier and clearer windows, as increased sunlight can heat up the glass of your windows, making your cleaning fluids dry out faster and leave specks and streaks on the surface. Then remove any obstructions or accessories around the window frame, like draperies, blinds, and shingles. If your accessories are also hooked or attached to a bar above the window frame, you should also remove those first. Declutter the area around your cleaning spot as well, and remove any clothes, books, appliances or other objects that may get affected while cleaning.

Window Cleaning

To start cleaning your windows, we recommend that you add the following supplies to make your cleaning tasks easier!

Microfiber Cloths 

Microfiber cloths are the best for cleaning, as it outlasts normal cleaning cloth rags with its durability, not to mention its inherent wiping capabilities brought by millions of fibers woven into it. The weave is primarily made up of polyester, combined with a small amount of polyamide (like nylon or Kevlar), and this helps attract and absorb the substances you’re wiping off of surfaces.

Soft Bristle Brush

Soft-bristled brushes help in gently and evenly cleaning off surfaces, especially delicate ones, like glass and other glossy surfaces. Hard bristled brushes tend to damage glass, leaving small hairline scratches that become visible as you get closer or as sunlight shines through or onto them.

Residue-Free Glass Cleaner

These glass cleaning products are best for clear surfaces, as normal cleaners have soaps, scents and dyes in them that leave residues. These residues form streaks and specks that attract grime and dust onto the surface, creating an unappealing, opaque appearance.

Remember these tips and tricks as you start your window cleaning during fall! Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City, our doors are always open to help you achieve the home improvements you rightly deserve! For any inquiries, you can reach us at (913) 385-1300 or fill out our contact form to request an estimate on any of our services. We serve homeowners in Kansas City.

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