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The Great Advantages of Choosing Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are quite in demand these days. The countless benefits they offer homeowners are one of the reasons they remain a popular choice throughout the years. But if you’re going to install double-hung windows in your home, make sure that the windows you’ll choose are made by Renewal by Andersen. Here’s why.

They are Perfect for On-the-Go Homeowners

Renewal by Andersen’s double-hung windows in Kansas City are easy to clean and maintain. This is one of the top reasons they are very suited for homeowners with busy schedules. Their revolutionary sash design makes it easy for people to tilt them on both sides, therefore, allowing homeowners to clean the windows even from inside the house.

They are Energy-Efficient

When doing home improvement in Kansas City, one of the things that many homeowners take into account these days is how their latest project would boost the energy efficiency of their home. With the rising cost of electricity these days, it definitely is a great idea to do projects that can help you reduce your daily power consumption.

Replacing old and damaged windows in your home with double-hung windows by Renewal by Andersen can boost your home’s energy efficiency. It is because they feature low-emissivity glass that is 45% more energy-efficient during summer and 56% more energy-efficient during winter, as compared to ordinary window glass.

They are Safe and Functional

Safety and functionality are not an issue with Renewal by Andersen’s double-hung windows. The advanced materials used in the manufacturing process make them very easy to operate. At the same time, they provide superior strength and durability, enabling the windows to last for many years.

Renewal by Andersen’s double-hung windows also feature an advanced locking system that will keep your house safe from burglars. It also helps protect your home from rainwater, hail, and snow.

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The revolutionary design of Renewal by Andersen’s double-hung windows has changed the misconception that these windows are just for show. As such, if you want to enhance the beauty and improve the energy efficiency of your home, be sure to install double-hung windows by Renewal by Andersen. Call us at (913) 956-0887 for a free estimate.

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