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The Best Window Styles for Home Ventilation

The ventilation in your home is probably regulated by one or several HVAC systems. Even so, you should not overlook the benefits of natural ventilation, especially with the right window styles. In today’s post, replacement window company Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City shares a look at the window styles that can help improve home ventilation.

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How Does Natural Ventilation Work?

Natural ventilation is airflow that’s produced without using mechanical means (fans or blowers), instead using a natural breeze or differences in the indoor and outdoor air pressures. The latter is achieved by having two openings in the room: one vents out indoor air, creating negative pressure that pulls fresh air through another opening. Attic ventilation operates on the same principle, with exhaust vents located at the roof ridges and intake vents at the soffits.

Allowing fresh air into your home helps maintain indoor air quality by flushing out indoor air pollutants such as dust and mold spores, as well as off-gassed volatile organic compounds that come from common household items like plastics and paint. Ventilation can also help release excess humidity. During the summer season, your windows can let a cool breeze into the room and help reduce the workload on your air conditioner.

The Best Window Styles for Improving Home Ventilation

Every operable window works for ventilation, but the following styles are the most efficient:

Casement windows are hinged windows with sashes that open outwards. The sashes are roughly the same size as the frame, which allows full use of the window area. Casement windows can also be used to catch a side breeze — that is, wind that moves along the exterior wall.

Sliding windows feature sashes that slide open sideways. The openings can be easily adjusted to allow how much airflow the room needs. While its sashes are designed to be removed for cleaning, sashes can also be removed when you need to quickly flush out indoor air.

Double-hung windows work in any part of the house, but are especially efficient in small rooms that can only fit one window. The sashes can be opened to create two openings for venting indoor air and taking in fresh air.

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