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Should You Replace Your Windows Before Selling Your Home?

A well-kept home is more attractive to home buyers. This is why many homeowners make the effort to perform repairs and minor home improvements before listing their home. While replacement windows can be considered more than just a “minor” home improvement, they are worth investing in. In today’s post, windows and patio doors installation company Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City discuss why you should consider getting new windows before selling your home.

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Making Your Home More Desirable to Buyers

It might not make sense off the bat: why would you spend money on a set of new windows that you won’t be using? The goal is to make your home more desirable to all kinds of home buyers — including those who can tell the difference between a dressed-up home and a fully functional one.

The longer your listing stays on the market, the chances of getting a buyer becomes slimmer because people would think something is wrong with the house. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, up to 87% of home buyers consider energy-efficient windows as an “essential” or “desirable” feature, which makes replacement windows a worthy pre-sale home improvement.

Check Your Home If It Needs New Windows

How can you tell if your home needs new windows or French doors? To get a quick and definitive answer, have an energy efficiency professional inspect your home. Part of an energy-efficiency report includes whether or not windows cause heat leaks that can affect your home’s energy use. You can also inspect your home as if you’re buying a new one. Check the windows for drafts, signs of water leaks and if they’re easy to open and close. If you feel like your home needs new windows, it probably does.

What Kind of Replacement Windows Should You Get?

Don’t fall into the trap of choosing the cheapest replacement windows because, ultimately, you’d just be dressing up your home. A knowledgeable home buyer would ask about ENERGY STAR® certification and maintenance requirements, and whether the warranty is transferable. The quality of the windows can make or break a deal, and may even help command a better value for your home.

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