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Renewal by Andersen® Windows and How They Prevent Fading

Window treatments are not just mere decorations inside the home. Curtains, drapes and blinds are there for a purpose, and that is to protect furniture, artwork and other ornaments from fading or discoloration due to direct sunlight. With residential windows from Renewal by Andersen®, however, such issues are prevented without the need for these treatments. Read on to learn more about how.

Renewal by Andersen® Windows and How They Prevent Fading

Renewal by Andersen® Windows and How They Prevent Fading

Defining What Fading Is

Before tackling how the company’s window offerings can help minimize fading, it is worth discussing how the sun’s rays cause this problem. Take note that sunlight is a part of the electromagnetic radiation coming from the sun. It is broken down into three spectra—the one we perceive as visible light and the others that we don’t see with our naked eye. These are the infrared and ultraviolet (UV) rays.

The radiant heat that we feel during a hot day comes from the sunlight’s infrared rays. The UV rays, meanwhile, cause fading in certain materials, not to mention their dangerous effects on the human body after prolonged exposure. An object exposed to this band of invisible light loses its natural and artificial pigments, discoloring it in the process.

Minimizing Fading With Windows

Many windows in homes often have treatments to protect the interiors from the harmful UV rays. While this will lower the chances of fading, it would be necessary to invest on replacement double-hung windows—or any window type for that matter—that won’t require treatments at all. This is where customizable windows from Renewal by Andersen come into play.

Our window offerings have one of its standard features: the High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass. Its spectrally selective low-emissivity coating halts the sunlight’s invisible spectra while letting visible light through. One of our glass options, the SmartSun™ glass, blocks up to 95% of UV rays. It works the same way as clear glass, allowing more natural light to brighten up the home.

Turn to Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City for your next window replacement project. Whether you want sliding windows or picture windows, our offerings can help preserve your indoors while providing daylighting in your home. Give us a call at (913) 956-0887 for more information. You can also fill out our contact form for a free in-home consultation. We serve Olathe and Independence, MO residents.

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