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Pros and Cons of Argon Gas-Filled Windows

Windows have come a long way from their beginnings when they were merely made of paper. With the advancements made by numerous window companies, they are constantly trying to find new ways to push the envelope to further improve our homes style, performance and energy efficiency. In fact, argon is being used as a filler in between panes nowadays. In this post, your home improvement and window expert, Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City, shares the pros and cons of argon gas-filled windows and why you should consider them.

What Differences Does It Make?

Windows have a hollow gap in between them filled with air. This causes problems, especially in humid areas since this encourages condensation, moisture and even mold growth in the long run. Argon is used as a filler to provide insulation for your windows to prevent infiltration, air leaks and prevent unwanted heat from entering your home through the gaps.

Benefits of Argon Gas

Much like doors, windows have to prevent as much noise as possible from getting out, as well as getting in your home. Argon-filled windows further enhance your home’s soundproofing characteristics while minimizing the heat that gets into your windows. During the winter, they also reduce the chance of condensation and frost buildup along your windows. Compared to other window styles, argon-filled windows can be used anywhere, regardless of the climate. They can be even further augmented with the use of our Low-E coatings for superior performance.

Drawbacks of Argon Gas

The only drawback of argon-filled windows is that it isn’t the most energy-efficient gas out there on the market. It shares the same problem with other gas-filled windows such as krypton. A small amount of gas can leak from your window even if its seals are intact to the tune of one percent per year, ideally. If your window’s insulation is compromised, this can cause the argon gas to leak and be replaced with moist air, causing condensation.

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