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Matching Windows With Craftsman Bungalow Homes

Craftsman bungalow homes exude a level of warmth that’s unlike any other. These kinds of homes are more than just inviting to look at; they’re very comfortable to live in enough to the point that entering one of them just “feels like home.”

Matching Windows With Craftsman Bungalow Homes

If you own a Craftsman bungalow style home, you probably know that homes of this style feature a classic look in warm and earthy colors and tones. French doors, whether hinged or sliding, can be used as access points to a front porch or backyard patio.

Here’s a quick look at how windows can match Craftsman-style homes.


Double-hung windows are the most predominant window type used in Craftsman bungalow homes. They are usually longer than they are wide, and their upper windows usually have grilles that are vertically proportioned as well. Their wood interiors are usually stained.

Multiple double-hung windows can also be grouped together in twos or threes. Two double-hung windows can be mulled together to form one big unit.  Two double-hung windows that are placed beside an entry door, one on each side, are called flankers.


Although double-hung windows are usually used as primary windows in this home style, they can also be paired with casement or awning windows to create patterns distinct to this style of home. A triple front window pattern consists of a usually stationary picture window sandwiched two double-hung windows. Rectangular transom window units can be placed atop the larger stationary window.


Craftsman bungalow style homes often feature window hardware that are as functional as they look. Most homeowners opt to get window hardware pieces like finger, hand and bar lifts, as well as folding handles in black, distressed bronze or distressed nickel finishes, which can also look good on French sliding doors.

Grilles or Art Glass

As mentioned, double-hung windows can feature vertically proportioned grilles on the top window. Alternatively, these can be replaced by stained art glass

If you’re looking for replacement windows for your Craftsman bungalow style home, contact the pros at Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City for help. We have a wide selection of replacement windows for your every need, and also offer doors installation services. Call us at (913) 956-0887 or fill out our online form for a FREE estimate. We serve clients in Olathe and nearby areas.

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