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Listen to Your Windows: 6 Things They Are Telling You

Windows are your home’s sources of daylight and fresh air. They also contribute to energy savings. Your windows need to be in top shape for them to perform properly. If you see any of these six signs, your trusted window company in Kansas City, MO, Renewal by Andersen® has the solutions:

Listen to Your Windows: 6 Things They Are Telling You
Listen to Your Windows

1. Condensation along the corners of the glass – This means that your home has poor ventilation or high moisture levels. If left untreated, this can cause rotten wood sills and mold issues. You can decrease humidity levels by installing vents or opening your windows.

2. Condensation on the center of the glass facing inside your home – Double-pane windows come with gas fills that improve insulation levels. If you see condensation on the middle of your glass pane, the gas might be leaking. Contact your trusted window company immediately for repairs.

3. Condensation between the glass panes – This indicates broken seals around your windows, leading to drafts. We recommend that you invest in durable windows with proper seals.

4. Hard-to-operate windows – If you cannot open your double-hung windows properly, this is a sign of wood swelling. Casement windows that will not open or shut easily have damaged components. We recommend investing in our replacement windows in Kansas City made from high-quality materials. Our Fibrex® frames will not rot, crack, or swell even under extreme weather conditions.

5. Water leaks around windows – This can mean that windows don’t close tightly to the frame. Make sure you choose durable hardware that will pull the sashes close to the frame and prevent leaks.

6. Drafty windows – This signals damaged weatherstripping around the sash. If large chunks are missing, you should leave it to the experts like us.

As the trusted source for high-quality windows including casement windows in Kansas City, we can handle these common issues. We can replace your damaged windows with our energy-efficient and durable options. We prevent air and gas leaks because we cover any gap with insulating foam. Our energy-efficient glass also prevents condensation by maintaining a consistent temperature. With our Fibrex frames, you can expect years of performance without too much maintenance.

Call us today at (913) 956-0887 to learn more about our window options. If you want to schedule a free in-home consultation, you can fill out our contact form.

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