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Large Windows and Your Privacy: A Primer

Large windows are a great asset to any home. Not only do these windows provide maximum sunlight and air circulation, but if your home has a view, they also let you enjoy the scenery in full. However, large windows do have their disadvantages, including diminished privacy in your own home. 

Large Home Window Design

Worry not, however, as Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City discusses here what window treatments you can use to get that privacy back into your home.

Drapes, Curtains, or Blinds?


If you want privacy, then drapes are the way to go. Drapes are usually sold in pairs and are lined with heavy fabric to block out the light, making them perfect for the bedroom. Drapes are also more expensive than your average window cover due to heavy fabrics but they are great for a good night’s rest.


When it comes to home improvement, it doesn’t get any classier than curtains. Curtains are usually chosen due to their versatility and variety in color, length, width, fabrics, etc. However, a curtain can sometimes fail to suit your need for privacy as some curtains are made of sheer fabric that can be seen through. Curtains also only partially block out the light coming through your windows.


Blinds are usually made of light materials such as wood, bamboo, aluminum or vinyl and are controlled with a cord. Some blinds offer you complete light control making them suitable in the bedroom while offering you the privacy you need. Compared to curtains and drapes, blinds are easier to clean and take up less space. However, they do need to be cleaned more often and aren’t very energy-efficient.

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