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How to Make the Most of Sunny Windows

Sunlight is the best source of natural lighting. But in actuality, it does more than light up surfaces and help you see around your room. It provides natural heat that is essential for space conditioning, it’s a source of vitamin D in the morning, it helps reduce the growth of mildew and molds, and it brightens up the mood of people simply by being exposed to it. Want to know more? Renewal by Andersen®, a trusted window company, will tell you more about the wonders of sunlight!

Health Benefits and Natural Light

Sunlight is the best source of natural light for any home. This source of natural lighting not only provides a great ambiance that eases the eyes, but it also provides a familiar warmth that enhances mood, gives vitamin D in the morning, and decreases stress levels. Institutions that treat mental illnesses and disorders regularly include sunlight exposure in their wellness programs. Being exposed to the sun in healthy amounts increases serotonin (a hormone that is key in stabilizing one’s mood, well-being and happiness) levels and helps regulate the conditions of people with mental disorders, like Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

These benefits are what draw health-conscious homeowners to have sunrooms and solariums built within their properties. Additionally, if the pre-existing windows do not provide their preferred amount of sunlight, replacement windows are also included in their home improvement projects.

Match Your Interior

To fully take advantage of a sunny room, it is best to match your interior to the natural aesthetic effects of sunlight. Adding greenery (like succulent plants) around your window areas not only improves the overall aesthetic of your room but also helps keep the plants healthy. These sunny areas within your room are also great places to put windowsill seedling beds, where you can grow small plants and herbs (like mint and basil) for your benefit. Lastly, adding a small splash of vivid color around the edges of your sunny window perfects the lively feel of your interior. Adding striking colors like different shades of yellow or orange can enhance the visual effect of warmth to your senses.

Reading and Recreation Spots

These sunny areas in your room are prime spots for reading and recreation. The natural light in these areas is not only perfect for reading, but they’re also optimal for doing home exercise, playing board games with friends and family and taking afternoon naps. Placing comfortable seats, pillows, or rugs around this area can further enhance the comfy feeling they produce. And if you have cats, this area is the most likely place for them to curl up and sleep, as cats are very fond of napping in warm places.

Let the sun into your home today! At Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City, we are proud to present our great selection of windows that are excellently rated for their beauty, functionality and security. As for the best window to use for your home’s rooms, we highly recommend one of our casement windows, designed with sturdiness, appeal and versatility in mind for your Kansas home! Having a tough time choosing? You can reach us at (913) 385-1300 or fill out our contact form to ask for a recommendation or request an estimate on any of our services. We serve homeowners in Kansas City.

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