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How to Inspect Your Windows After a Summer Storm

Along with roofing and siding, windows bear the brunt of summer storms, which means they’re just as likely to be damaged during such an event. When inspecting your home for storm damage, make sure your windows receive the same attention as your roof. In today’s post, local window company Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City shares a quick guide on how to inspect your windows after a summer storm.

Check Your Surroundings for Hazards

Make sure the weather has cleared before performing your inspections. If the windows had shattered from windblown debris or a sudden gust of wind, make sure you and your family are wearing protective footwear. In case of a severe thunderstorm, make sure nothing is blocking the exits. Assess the curb situation and be aware of flooding, downed power lines, and fallen trees. Call for assistance in case of live wires, and stay indoors until it’s declared safe.

Inspect Your Windows for Damage

You may need to file an insurance claim in case your home will need replacement windows. Try to document the extent of the damage using your smartphone. There are three types of window damage you should look out for.

1. Wind Damage — Extreme wind can break windows by itself. If this happens relatively often, you should consider investing in shatterproof glass, storm windows or storm shutters.

2. Impact Damage — Damage from windborne damage is far more common. Storm winds are strong enough to carry debris and turn them into projectiles. The damage can be as small as hairline cracks, but if you have double-pane glass with insulating gas fills, this could let the gas escape. It’s non-toxic, but window energy efficiency may be reduced without it.

3. Water Damage — Look for signs of water infiltration around the edges, as well as condensation between the glass panels. Also, check the areas around the windows for signs of water damage, such as water stains, swollen wood and sagging floorboards.

What Do You Do After Inspection?

You will need to contact your insurance provider, along with relevant contractors depending on the extent of the damage: roofing, siding and window companies. Your insurance provider will require estimates on replacement and repairs. The sooner these requirements are fulfilled, the sooner you can get your windows repaired or replaced.

Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City is your leading provider of replacement windows, including popular styles such as casement windows. Give us a call at (913) 385-1300. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We serve customers in Kansas City, MO, and nearby areas.

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