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How to Clean Renewal by Andersen Double-Hung Windows

While Renewal by Andersen® products has been designed to require minimal maintenance, some things can’t be prevented from settling on windows. Dust and dirt buildup can prevent windows from operating smoothly.

Here’s a guide on cleaning double-hung windows.

Moving Parts & Fibrex™ Material

Don’t use newspaper or ink-based paper for wiping windows as it may stain the surrounding Fibrex material. Clean frames, sash and grilles with a soap and water solution and a non-abrasive rag.

Ensure the smooth operation of your windows and doors by vacuuming or dusting debris that settles on sills and in tracks.

Interior Glass

Begin with cleaning your window’s interior glass if it’s quite cold outside. Check if your windows have removable interior grilles. Remove grilles by lifting them away from the glass near the frame’s edge without moving the clips.

Wipe dust and grime from the window using a soft, dry cloth. After this, apply a mild cleaning solution like soapy water, diluted vinegar or a liquid window cleaner and wipe in a circular motion. We don’t recommend using paper towels to clean glass with HeatLock™ Technology. Don’t apply glass cleaner in direct sunlight to minimize residue.

Exterior Glass

Open your window at least two inches and look for the wash assist tabs along the frame’s upper edge. Slide them down until they are pressed between the sash and the frame. Tilt the window inward, listen for an audible click, and clean as needed.

Hold the lower sash with both hands, at the outer edge near the wash assist tabs. Pull it firmly towards you and the sash should tilt inwards towards you after a little resistance. Continue to tilt so that the glass is supported by a sturdy object. Keep in mind that the sash should not be tilted more than 90 degrees.

To close the sash, pull the upper sash tabs back to prevent the frame from chipping or getting damaged. Re-engage the balancers by pushing the sashes down. Once you’ve heard an audible click, it means that the balance mechanics have reengaged.

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