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Door And Window Issues And Care: Keeping Winter Out Of Your Home – Part II: Keeping Jack Frost Out: Door And Window Maintenance For Winter

An ounce of prevention, or so the saying goes, is better than a pound of cure. Instead of having to deal with door and window problems common to the cold season, it’s much better to do some preventive maintenance and not have to deal with them. Taking a little time beforehand to make sure your windows and doors are ready for winter can save you a lot of effort and headaches later.

Check doors and windows for drafts

Air leaking from your doors and windows are a major source of holiday headaches. If you do find drafty areas around your doors or windows, apply caulking where necessary to prevent the heat from escaping, and cold air from seeping in. Make sure to properly fill any cracks or gaps you find with caulking.

Check your weatherstripping

In addition to applying caulking to your doors and windows, you’ll also need to check your weatherstripping. Make sure to check around all your doors and windows to see if the weatherstripping needs to be replaced, too; doing so will go a long way towards eliminating leaks and drafts.

Check door and window frames for damage

Depending on the material your doors and window frames are made of, damage can take different forms. Wooden doors and windows are subject to rot and decay; other materials may be subject to warping or other similar damage. Depending on the state of your windows and doors, you may need to have them repaired or replaced to maintain your home’s structural integrity.

Check for broken glass

Check all your windows and, depending on their design, your doors, for cracks in glass panes, or glass that is broken or outright missing. This also applies to storm windows and doors, should you use them. Any damaged panes you find should be replaced.

Put up storm doors and windows

Your storm doors and windows do you no good if they’re not installed before the cold season hits. Remember to take the time to put them up well before possible seasonal bad weather.

So your doors and windows are in good shape for winter. What else can you do around the house to winterize it? More on this in Part III.

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