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Differentiating Between Our Two Window Installation Methods

The best windows have to be installed correctly to perform and last as advertised. At Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City, we make every effort to determine the most suitable installation procedure to use in every project. Generally, the two best options are the insert and the full-frame methods.

Differentiating Between Our Two Window Installation Methods
Differentiating Between Our Two Window Installation Methods

An Insert Window Installation Method Is Appropriate When…

Everything Is Still Structurally Sound – The insert method involves only the replacement of residential windows, leaving the old frame opening untouched. Our project technician would only consider this when the existing sill, frame, casing and trim are still in good condition.

Existing Construction Allows the Use of Insert – But even when the frame is solid and square, it doesn’t automatically become a good candidate for the insert installation method. Our representative must see no evidence that it could get damaged throughout the process. Our project technician would only recommend it when it could be done in a structurally sound way.

Window Opening Is Up to Code – If the size of your existing frame opening is consistent with the building code, then the insert installation procedure is an option. That said, keep the style of unit in mind to choose between casement and double hung windows and meet latest fire egress requirements.

A Full-Frame Window Installation Method Is Appropriate When…

Old Frame Is Beyond Repair – When the existing frame is ridden with rot or is severely out of square, then it has to go with your old window. With the full-frame installation method, everything will be removed, exposing the rough opening.

Air Leakage Is a Probability – When the construction is somewhat structurally sound but is expected to become leaky soon or showing signs of leakage, it has to be replaced too. Otherwise, your high-performance bay, bow, picture, specialty and sliding windows might become uncharacteristically inefficient.

Latest Building Regulation Requires a Bigger Opening – Regardless of the structural condition of the current frame opening, you need a new one when it’s too small in the government’s book.

Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City’s Certified Master Installers carry out window replacement projects not only correctly, but also safely and efficiently. Prepared skill-wise and equipped with proper equipment, our crew would ensure that your installation would go like clockwork.

Call us at (913) 385-1300 now to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation to get your project started. We serve Independence, MO, as well as Olathe and other nearby Kansas communities.

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