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Can Strong Winds Cause Window Seal Failure?

Foggy windows can indicate broken window seals. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of high winds, you may begin to think that it’s what caused the window seals to fail.

Read on to find out if strong winds can really cause poor window performance and seal failure.

Window Seal Failure

In all climates, harsh elements gradually deteriorate window seals until they fail. Gas fills in multi-pane windows don’t contain moisture and doesn’t conduct heat. This means that less heat enters and escapes your home.

Temperature changes cause solar pumping or expansion and contraction on the gas. Over time, it creates a strain on the seals between the glass, resulting in fractures and leaks. You’ll know that the window seal has failed when there’s fog between the panes.

Some companies add a desiccant between glass panes to get rid of any moisture that enters the glass. However, the desiccant will become saturated, allowing moisture to condense inside the insulated glass. This is an issue that can occur in any windows or doors with insulated glass, regardless if they have been exposed to strong winds.

Wind Damage Isn’t the Sole Cause

While temperature changes have the most effect on windows, wind damage can also contribute to window seal failure. However, it can be the final straw to your severely damaged old windows or doors.

Debris carried by strong winds can also result in significant damage to your windows. This can harm different parts of your home, but always make sure that debris didn’t break window seals. During a rainstorm, moisture can get in between panes on already damaged window seals. Moreover, wind damage isn’t usually the only cause of seal failure.

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